Fan coil unit outside air: Is there an answer!!

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I have seen several subjects on FCU with a dedicated AHU to provide min
outdoor air but unfortunately I have not seen anybody having done it.
Going through the helpfile does not give the answer either unfortunately

Could anybody indicate me how to properly the Attached model?
* The AHU is Constant Volume.
* Providing min OA
* Heat or cool the fresh air to whatever temperature

Local unit:
* Providing cooling and heating
* About 6 to 8 ACH

If someone has done it and would be kind enough to explain in detail or
just copy an example that would be just Grrreat.
Thanks in advance



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Dear All:

Do you know of any eQUEST training taking place in NYC?

Thank you.

Kind regards,

Diana Nezamutinova

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Michael, check out "OA-From-System" or keyword in the help, and also google DOAS (Dedicated Outdoor Air System), which will turn up numerous posts on the listserv (once you know the keywords to search for!)


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Thanks David

It helps.

I think I get the general way to build it. It seems that in order to
consider heat recovery and different process within the AHU you only
have few choices such as HP. My system is using chilled water in both
system AHU and FC. Also the CONTROL ZONE can not be selected when
modeling a FC system.


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