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Hi ,

i modeled a FCU which is getting the outside air from the corridor (SZRH) in the detailed mode i changed the minimum outside air ratio to 0 and i put in outside air from system SZRH. When i want to run the simulation i get the error


EL1 Sys1 (FC) (G.E4) defined before its OA-FROM-SYSTEM. This

will cause incorrect OA temperature calculation. Move this SYSTEM to be

defined before its OA-FROM-SYSTEM in the project BDL input file.

Can anybody help me with it i do not know how i can move the system ??


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You can do this in the .inp file - just cut the oa system description and paste it before the system that uses it.

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You will need to close eQUEST and edit the .inp file in a text editor.
Move the "from" system (with its child zones) to be the first system on
the list. Then you can reopen eQUEST and it will be at the top of the

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