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I expect I'm not the only one who keeps a thumb drive handy to keep a backup/reference of useful energy modeling files.

I realized today I have many such drives and have trouble keeping track of them, so I set aside some time to rename and organize my files. Along the way, I figured out you can assign a custom icon to USB drives and other removable/mountable media, so I took a few extra minutes to "lift" the icon for eQuest and format it properly for this express purpose:

[cid:image002.png at 01CECA5F.0F0D3230]

If you're interested,

1. Copy the attached file "autorun.ico" to the root directory of your drive (this is an icon image you can open/review in mspaint)

2. Create a text file in the same location and rename it to "autorun.inf"

3. Open the blank "autorun.inf" file in notepad or similar, paste the following 2 lines, and save:

This .inf file instructs windows to automatically assign the "autorun.ico" to the drive upon mounting removable media.

I would happily share a copy of the autorun.inf file, but am instead providing direction to create your own as I anticipate such an attachment would cause problems with antivirus software / email filters and the like. PSA: ".inf" files from untrustworthy sources can potentially be used to automatically launch viruses and similar, so as a best practice reminder please exercise caution as you would with any unfamiliar email attachments and do not download ".inf" files from unknown sources.



[cid:489575314 at 22072009-0ABB]


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Nice job Nick!

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