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My preference:

One can also, after a simulation, navigate to the air-side systems tab, highlight the top item ("project...") in the component tree on the left, then click the "summary" tab. If you have a lot of systems you can if you wish filter to a single system by highlighting just that system on the left. What you get is a summary report that pulls together a lot of figures you might otherwise have to dig around for. This is in my experience the easiest/quickest way to check zone and project unmet hour totals (summed at the bottom for the whole project). If you aren't familiar with the whole 'coincidental' vs. 'non-coincidental' unmet hours distinction, note the system-level sums can be misleading as they'll count the same hour multiple times for multiple zones.

I usually start here, and if I find one or more zones with too many hours I'll first try to identify any common spatial/system/envelope relationships that could be the root cause. Note the actual quantity and distribution of unmet hours are sometimes a very strong clue. If a likely cause is not apparent / readily testable from here, I'll investigate further with the detailed SS zone/system reports.

Following is a screenshot using v3.64 illustrating what I'm describing - project name scribbled out for sensitivity reasons:
[cid:image002.png at 01CD05B3.B58FD6C0]

[cid:489575314 at 22072009-0ABB]


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