eQUEST Transformer Loss - incorrect error if < 1

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Hi Brian,

I?m not sure which version of eQuest you?re using. Version 3.64 defaults to
0.02. If you right click on the transformer loss box you can change this to
whatever you want.


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Hi Brian,

I went deep into this rabbit hole some years back, rolling my own custom
curves along the way to quantify savings for premium efficiency
transformers... I can look to my notes/records later, but don't recall any
such "nonstarter" errors along the way.

It might be productive to transpose your efforts into a dummy model to
explore whether the same error occurs using equest 3.63... Something may
have changed since then which you could be the first to stumble into!

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The transformer loss in eQUEST should be the fraction of output power lost
at full load. It should be in the order of 1 to 3% so an input of 0.02 for
example. However the range checking in eQUEST is looking for a value
greater than 1 (in the range of 1 ? 1.5). A value of 1 does in fact double
your electrical usage (with ? going to Pumps and Aux for the transformer
loss) so the range checking is in error.

Is there a way to access and change the error checking values?

Thank you.


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