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I'm sure this has been addressed at some point, but does anyone have
experience or tutorials in setting up ground source heat pump loops in
eQuest? I have been able to set up the ground source heat exchanger,
but I'm unsure of the methods and limitations for linking the ground
source loop to the water/water or water/air heat pump component. Are
both situations possible? For an airside device, would I set up the
ground loop, then set up the airside device and select the particular
water source loop with which to link it?

Thanks in advance for any advice.

Todd Lagus, EIT

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Are you trying to set up a centralized or decentralized GSHP?

Steve Mignogna

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A good idea someone passed on to me is to make a real simple model in the
wizard, then take that to the detailed interface and you can see how eQuest
sets up and connects everything.

I had to do this earlier this week because I had a heavily developed model
that was already in the detailed interface. I had to change the system type
from air cooled chillers and AHU's to ground source heat pumps with a loop
and a ground HX. I couldn't go back to the wizard because I would lose lots
of other valuable inputs. Therefore, I studied the simple example model in
order to see how to set up everything correctly in my detailed model and it

One thing I didn't know is that eQuest uses the "Pkgd Var Vol Var Temp"
system for a WSHP/GSHP system. But, the option for "WL/GS Ht Pump" is set to
"Yes", the condenser type is set to "Water Cooled" and the CW Loop is
assigned to my "GSHP Loop". Previously, I tried using the "Water Loop HP"
air system type and I couldn't get the program to work, even though that
system seemed like the intuitive air system choice. In my case, I had my
loop and ground HX defined and in place before configuring my air systems so
that I had a loop to assign the air systems to. I would define the loop
first, then the ground HX. Within the ground HX, the "Circulation Loop
Assignment" parameter is where you assign the HX to your loop.

Hope this rambling helps a bit ...


James A. Hess, PE, CEM

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