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I am struggling to find the source of an error with an eQuest model. In the latter part of the year the building sensible cooling load grows exponentially.
This error seems to be associated with one of the perimeter zones, and specifically one that is adjacent to an atrium. For this zone the peak equipment load occurs at midnight on December 31st, and is 1000x the setting for the space. Has anyone seen a similar issue?

Any suggestions would be most welcome! We're under a bit of a time crunch.


Kathryn Lee

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If you haven?t done this yet, try defining both the overheating space and the atrium as sunspaces. (Internal Loads > Basic Specs > Sunspace) This will naturally ventilate the spaces with outside air when necessary to avoid overheating. I?m guessing the perimeter atrium is likely all glass, so you can also check your hourly reports for Building Heating and Cooling load from Solar Radiation through Windows to see if that is the culprit. Either that or check for an accidently misplaced decimal in your internal equipment loads? 20 W/sf rather than 2.0 W/sf or something like that. Hope this helps.


Michael J. Smith, EIT, LEED? AP

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