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Our firm is upgrading from Windows XP to Vista. If anyone run 3.6, 3.61,
or 3.63 on Vista have you experienced any issues that would make us
think twice about making the switch?

Tom Butler, LEED(r) AP

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We have about three computer running Vista that do not seem to be having
problems with eQUEST 3.6 or 3.61. Depending on your security settings,
you may need to set it up to allow the program to run as an
administrator. I am currently testing 3.63, but have not tried it on
Vista. Additionally, as a side note, I do have 3.6, 3.61, and 3.63
installed on my personal laptop with Windows 7 RC1, and all seems to be
performing normally.


A. Tuan Le, E.I.T.

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