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Hi equest users

I created a model (using schematic design wizard) for 2 storey office
building with changing of some default values and simulated.
However both baseline and proposed results are exactly same. How can I
overcome this issue? Anyone can help me in this regard?

Thanks in advance

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It's a little hard for anyone to make an informed guess without more information. What did you change?
I would recommend finding someone locally who knows the program a little to get some initial guidance and walk you through the basics.

Vikram Sami, LEED AP

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Again, I think I have this working for my case anyway. This is what I did:

Building Creation Wizard - created model per proposed design (geothermal on
perimeter with PSZ serving the core)

EEM Wizard - generated 2 whole site/building runs

1 called Whole Site/Building EEM proposed
(no changes)

1 called Whole Site/Building EEM baseline

Whole Site/ Building EEM Baseline "Run Details" - Deleted geothermal system
& assigned PSZ to all zones instead of just core

Then when I go to simulate building performance, I uncheck the one called
"baseline" & only run the (2) runs I created. Seems to be working, but
maybe because I only have one simple difference between baseline and
proposed - geothermal vs PSZ AND I have a PSZ in the proposed..

It seems to me the HVAC systems need to be created (generated) in the
building creation wizard in order to get fully articulated/ detailed;
However, once they are generated, it also seems you CAN delete & reassign
systems from certain runs within the EEM Wizard to get more intuitive

I attached results for reference. Thoughts?


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