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Hello everyone,

I'm modeling a building with a swimming pool, but I donĀ“t know how to modulate the swimming. Could anyone help me about this ?


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Wait What?  I don't know if you are serious, but I suppose that makes sense.

I guess a lot of splashing and climbing in and out would increase the evaporation and thus the latent load. yikes.

Remember, that TRACE only has 1 hour increments anyway, so you will have to average the swimming. Most pools have predictable schedules - and you would modulate the load by setting up an internal load with a schedule (don't forget to make a custom internal load with a latent component).

I think there's another post on it in this forum, if you search "swimming pool"

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Bob...please choose your words wisely dude [facepalm].


Also, pool design has been discussed before here...have you used our awesome Search tool yet? I did, and found this http://energy-models.com/forum/swimming-pool-modelling-yuvaraj-saravanan. Maybe helpful...

I think the answer here is nothing more than equating the pool latent energy and plugging it into the Misc-Loads as 0% Sensible, 100% Latent. I do not have the ASHRAE Fundamentals book infront of me, but 10yrs ago when I had a Natatorium design, I used a table of latent loads based on pool water temp and wetted surface (icluding the walkway around the perimter of the pool).

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