Comparing 13- SHEER with 19-SHEER . Heat pump unit

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I am comparing 13-sheer (11.18 EER, 2.25 COP)  with 19-sheer (14.06 EER, 2.63 COP) Residential type heat pump unit,  All other parameter (Envelop, Glass, Lighting) are same. 

ECB show only 10 % saving in Energy wise and 6 % saving in Cost wise. 

I feel that its too low. 

Is there any idea how much we expect with this comparison. Any suggestion will be Appreciated. 

Thank you 

Anil Bhari 

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I don't think that is low. Keep in mind that you have to take your total cooling and heating energy and determine what percent that is of the total energy. Then- prorate it.

So, if cooling and heating is 40% of the total energy, you can expect to save around (14.06/11.18-1)*40% which is saying "you will save 25% of the 40%" which yields exactly 10% savings in energy.

Remember, even a COP of a infiinity won't yield more than 40% net savings!

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