Modeling Vertical Fins (External Shading)

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I'm modeling windows that have multiple external shading "fins" that cover most of the windows surface.  (Think something like vertical blinds, except external and permanently fixed.)  Trace's "vertical fin" option seems to be only for single fins to the right and left of the window, and I'm trying to find a good work-around for the way these windows are to actually be constructed.  I've attached plan, elevation and section views for reference.   As you can tell, the fins shade the vast majority of the glass, but would not have any affect on the U-Value of the assembly.

Fins in Plan View
Fins in Elevation
Fins in Section
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Have you checked out this blog?

It's essentially the same thing, but considers horizontal fins. Basically, through geometry, you should be able to simplify the multiple fins into one larger fin by finding the angle where you have a total eclipse of the window in reality. Then work backwards to find a single fin that eclipses it at the same angle.


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This is one big important information that I should apply on my window blinds including the blind cleaning process. Aside from it helps on my house customization, it also adds up on the design of my room.

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