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I am building a residential model in Trace 700 where I use an air to air heat source pump for my cooling equipment. I have an electric resistance heating system to be used with my heat source pump. how can i make sure that my heat source pump is being used for heating? Do I need to set the backup heat source for the cooling equipment as my heating equipment? I would also like to model a similar air to air heat put that uses propane instead of electric for heat. There is probably a simple answer for this, but I can't seem to see anything in the output that would say otherwise. Any help would be greatly appreciated

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When modeling an air to air heat pump, the backup heat source is key. If you wish for it to use electric, make sure that you set the backup heat source to electric resistance. In the 2nd case, use a backup heat source of propane.

The backup heat source will run at 2 conditions.

  1. You run out of heating capacity
  2. You hit the minimum operating temperature, edited in the cooling equipment library
Otherwise, the heat pump will meet the heating requirements.
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