Ground Source Closed Loop Heat Pump Unloading Curves

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Has anyone had any experiece with creating unloading curves for TRANE GSHP units.  I have calculation the compressor kW/ton, and kW/MBh values but do not know how to plot the curves at different loading capacities.  My initial review back from USGBC commented on providing a curve. 

The units I have are single compressor, according to the sales rep they are ON or OFF at 100%, I don't think this is accurate but could be wrong.

Is there a standard equation to create these curves?  I went through AHRI 330 but could not find any significant information on part load calculations for ground source heat pumps, they mention it, but just the testing method.


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I haven't done it before.  But, have you reviewed the built in curves in the library for GSHPs?  They may be a good place to start.

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Yes always good to start with one of the default curves first, copy it, and tweak your new one to match your equipment.

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