Speed Boost In Trace 700?

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Anybody out there know how to boost the calculation speed of Trace 700? I'm running a quad core monster machine (faster than the Millennium Falcon), and I haven't really noticed any boost at all. Actually, it might be slower.

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Depending on where you are with your loads...consider doing full year 8760 loads but go into your Load parameters and change your cooling month start and end to July (or whatever month your peak cooling occurs). If you are only into your proposed design model (Alternative-1) then you might not need to run full year. And only calculate what you need, why calculate Design-System-Energy-Economics, when you might only need to run your design calc's. This has saved me a bunch of time.

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Has Chewbacca possibly gotten into your mainframe? Those darn wookies. Anyway, Trace has not faired too well in XP quad cores because it is single thread and can only use one core anyway. HOWEVER, I have some tricks for you. First of all, Vista and windows 7 will do much better than XP with the same setup as they are better able to use the multicore processor. There will be a 30% increase with quad core processors when using vista or windows 7 over xp.

SOOOOOO, what if you are stuck with XP (this also helps in vista, and windows 7 though).

When you open Trace, open the task manager, right click on Trace.exe and set priority equal to High (you could try real time, but high should do the trick). If it is processor related, you will see a major speed boost.

I can't confirm, but I've heard that a dedicated Trace only machine with the fastest possible dual core, or even modern single core (modern is key) will perform quite well. Honestly, computers are pretty cheap nowadays and much cheaper than Trace, so I use multiple computers when doing Trace runs. I'm finding the i5 processor works really well, but I've never tried the true quad core i7.


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I have a dell with xeon dual core processor and 2 gig of ram. Had Vista then upgraded to windows 7 64 bit and added 4 gig extra ram at same time. I was working on a model that took about 4 hours to run. Upgrade almost cut time in half. Hopes this is helpful.
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