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I'm working on a file for 90.1 performance rating method analysis.

1. Where can I enter design supply temperatures for my heating and cooling plants?
2. How do I enter temperature reset?
3. Where can I enter design supply temperatures for my cooling tower?
4. Do you know how to convert W/gpm (e.g. 22 W/gpm) into a unit compatible with Trace?

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1). I think what you are referring to here is defined under, Libraries, Equipment, and cooling or heating. If you go to cooling equipment and open it up, the design temperatures are under the options tab. If you wish to change these, you will have to copy the current piece of equipment, make the changes, and then save it.

2). It depends on which type of temperature reset. Since you are referring to 90.1, I'm assuming hot water, chilled water reset and supply air reset.
-Hot water reset is built into the 90.1 heating plants, while chilled water reset is specified under create plants ---> cooling equipment ----> control (button).
-Finally, supply air reset is modeled under create systems --->options---> advanced options (Just enter 5 degrees for 90.1-2007 or 10 degrees for 90.1-2004, the defaults work for 90.1).

3). The temps for the cooling towers are entered under Libraries, equipment, heat rejection. Again, you'll have to copy and save your changes.

4). You must be on an older version of Trace. Trace 6.2.5 has units of w/gpm. Good thing too, as the conversion process is understood well by few.
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