Modelling heat pump as heating only, but heating and cooling found

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Hi all,

To model the air cooled heat pump as heating source for hotel, I modelled 2-pipe heat pump loop at water-side and set it as the heating source at air-side (cooling source as chilled water loop). The loop operation is set as snap with the snap temp as mean temp of indoor heating and cooling design temperature (otherwise much unmet hour occur).

When I set the sub meter to measure the component performance, I found the heat pump loop is both heating and cooling the hotel instead of designed heating only, while the chilled water loop only cools the hotel during early morning. Since the heat pump cop (2.8) is lower than the chiller COP (5.1), the simulated results cannot reflect the design performance.

Now I am modelling the case twice every time, one with heat pump loop and one without hence to model the chiller energy consumption of hotel cooling part. I am wondering if anyone has this issue before and if there is any strategy I can use to solve this problem? Thanks a lot!

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