Title-24 Compliance (Conditioned & Unconditionedspaces)- Updated Files

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I've reattached the eQUEST files. My previous post (see below) did not include all of the required files. Andres, thanks for letting me know about the model issues. Mike Schaefer, PE, LEED AP Mechanical Engineer Licensed in USA KS 913 383 2621 Main 913-383-5848 Direct 913 383 2831 FAX 6363 College Blvd., Suite 400, Overland Park, KS 66211 www.larsonbinkley.com I've performed a preliminary Title-24 compliance (Envelope/Mechanical/Lighting) for a building with conditioned and unconditioned spaces. Although I've assigned unconditioned spaces to a system, the Preliminary report's General Information lists 12 zones as Unconditioned & 9 zones as Conditioned, however, the Unconditioned Floor Area is zero square feet. Additionally, the lighting for the unconditioned space is not included in the Preliminary report's Total Building lighting Watts compliance. Can someone help me get eQUEST to perform lighting calculations for the conditioned & unconditioned spaces? 

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