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Seeking some support to see if others have started to have issues with SIM file formatting. See attached, (if image is lost, the formatting is all jacked up, and data is missing in the SIM file). Occurs both in Viewer and text editors. This started a week or two ago with a colleague, but has slowly started to happen to each of us on my team. Different computers, different models. Once it starts the only temporary solution we have found is a computer restart.
eQuest 3.65 b7173. Windows 10 Enterprise, x64 system.

Has there been a Windows update or is there some eQuest specific buy/virus? Or any other ideas? Have not tried uninstall/reinstall yet, but willing to consider. But want to ask before we do a team-wide reinstall effort.
Appreciate the help in advance.

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If you want to isolate whether it's anything in your project file itself by using a totally different PC / eQuest installation I'd be happy to give your project a test run from my desk.... Though it looks from your screengrab like I'd need to install an older build.

Oh actually... a related thought:

Note there are 2 bugfix documents posted following 2.2 build 48y: 48z and 50a. 48z includes a few different references to resolving bugs in SIM reporting specific to different systems/circumstances.

Perhaps you should pursue a doe 2.2 build upgrade for one machine, run the same project files, and see if that makes any difference? In case it saves you a minute, the most current build of eQuest 3.65 (build 7175), when operated in doe 2.2 mode, appears to be using 2.2-50a.


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Thanks for the quick response.
We'll test that new install to the build 7175 and see if that resolves or if issue persists. The timing of the issue is odd because this has sprung up over last week/two weeks on separate models from separate modelers, who aren't typically sharing models. Systems types vary as well (Dx, CHW, HW, gas, electric heat). And no eQuest changes in that time span for users & have been running build 7173 for quite a while. Confusing/frustrating.
The release notes I glazed through for 48z or 50a didn't indicate this specific issue as much as reporting enhancements within the SIM file, but it was a quick look. Can test and see.

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I have been having this issue for a about a year. Still get it randomly and a reboot seems the only fix. I'm running eQuest 3.65 (build 7175) with whatever DOE 2.2 it came with (not sure how to determine that).

If you find the fix it would be great if you share it with the group!


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