sample eQuest models - MURBs, fitness centers, pools, ice arenas

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I am looking for sample eQuest models showing both baseline energy use and post-EEM energy use for the following buildings:

(A) multi-unit residential buildings
(B) fitness centers
(C) pools
(D) ice arenas

The models would be for existing buildings that are looking to reduce their energy use. Ideally the sample models would include a variety of EEMs. This might be wishful thinking that this would exist somewhere on the web, but I figure I may as well ask. The purpose for this is to help me further my eQuest modeling abilities. In a perfect world, the sample eQuest models would include an ASHRAE energy audit report - but I know I'm asking for a lot already. (RETScreen, which is a more simplistic energy program compared to eQuest does have a number of samples - but I'm looking for eQuest.)



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