Building Fuel Usage Doesn't Match Heating Load

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Hi, I am working on a model of a large performance/theater space, and evaluating various envelope options. I had thought that my energy model was working fairly well, but I ran a check by eliminating the insulation in the roof to make sure the resulting energy usage would show up in the results, and it seems that the energy usage for the building does not make up the total heat loss/load for the building. Looking at report LS-F in the last row shows a total heating load of 719 MBtu, or 7,192 therms, assuming 100% efficiency. Comparing this value to the heating energy shown in SS-D (242 MBtu) or to the total heating fuel usage in report PS-F (2,714 therms) shows a mismatch between fuel usage and heating demand. 

INP and SIM in GDrive link here (can't find an upload option):



. Any thoughts on what might be going on here?

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