Need help- Model not calibrating- Usage way above monthly history from bills

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I have modeled a high school building (NH) on eQuest. It is participating
in a state funded incentive program. I?ve been using the software for 2
years now, but cannot figure out why the electricity and fuel usage from
the model are at least 40% above actual usage.

Mysteriously, I have significant electricity use from space heating, when I
have no electric heat in the facility- does this number refer to auxiliary
components in the heating systems? Because the corresponding fuel bills are
also high.

I have condensing propane boilers with distribution through terminal units
including unit heaters, cabinet heaters, unit ventilators, baseboards and
roof-top air handlers.

The ?vent. Fans? and the ?pumps & aux? categories also read high apart from
the ?miscellaneous equipment?- I could fix the miscellaneous loads. But as
far as the other categories go, I do not know where to even begin

This was the first model that I used the detailed interface from start and
built it way back in November 2012. And since I am at a loss of technical
language to describe this, I need help with reducing the electricity and
fuel use in the building- especially with editing information related to
schedules, meter assignments and/ or temperature set points to avoid the
heating and cooling units working at the same time.


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Too many scattershot questions, no input file.Could you please send your .INP and .PD2 so the professors on this site can help you? And are you speaking of 40% for BOTH electric and propane? Did you input propane as a fuel or is it natural gas in the model (different Btu/unit value)? And is it 40% in each month? Can you share your Excel comparison (and for me, please submit in Mircorsoft 2003 foirmat)?
Hope we can help.
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