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I looked through the archives and saw some discussions with this topic, but
wanted to ask the questions again. I need to model light shelves for the
aspect of reducing HVAC equipment size, with no regard to the daylighting,
as of right now. This will be an issue, but i just want to see the
difference in the HVAC sizes. Is the correct way to apply the light
shelves to use an over hang in the window properties? or should i use a
shading schedule? or should i use a building shade? My first guess would
be over hang, but i haven't used these for this reason, so i wanted input
from others.


Rob Hudson

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So far as solar loads are concerned, overhangs can be a fine
representation, as can building shades. Explore your chosen approach to
best capture what you're trying to emulate.

It might be a fallacy to ignore the effects of daylighting controls
however on your HVAC design, however. If you reduce your lighting loads
by a significant fraction - there are potentially significant effects on
your HVAC system behavior.

As a caution, the rabbit hole goes deep... best of luck =)!



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