EPACT vs. LEED Lighting Controls

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My NREL (May2007) EPACT guidlines documents state for Table G3.1(6) Lighting: 

Table G3.1(6) Lighting

(f) Credit may be taken for the use of automatic controls for daylight utilization only if their operation is modeled in the energy simulation software.


I know in LEED evaluations you are allowed to take credit for timers & occupancy sensors by reducing density or schedule 10 or 15%. Can anyone verify what is applicable to an EPACT evaluation. Are you allowed the rduction per Appendix G for EPACT ? Or does this statement overule that? or has it been amended in any sortof way to allow 10% or 15% reduction for Epact?

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They are referring to "daylighting" - as opposed to occupancy sensors.
Daylighting is where the lights "dim" based on how much light comes through the windows or skylights. This can be modeled in TRACE by adding daylighting via the actions menu and create daylighting definition.

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