Appendix G Baseline Systems 6 - PFP minimum flow ratio and ventilation

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Hi all, noob eQuest user here.

I've modeled an Appendix G Baseline System 6 for a LEED project.I looked into the hourly report of the PIU and found that they are providing less supply air than the minimum ventilation requirement. After some trial and error I found that my zone's min-flow-ratio (set at 30%) is limiting the flow rate to 30%. Not only it doesnt make sense, it's reduced my  proposed energy saving, and it's not complying with ASHRAE.

After I removed the 30% min-flow-ratio and leave them blank, the airflow rates seem ok. However in Report SV-B Zone Fan Data for PIU System it's showing that my zone fans are not sized  for 50% as required by ASHRAE. 

Has anyone have the same problem before? Seems I can't please both requirement. 



with min-flow-ratio
without min-flow-ratio
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