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I cannot seem to find guidance anywhere online. I know that in eQUEST you cannot have multiple HVAC systems serving the same zone. Let's say that you have a proposed 180 Room hotel project where you have an ERU DOAS as well as a WSHP system in each room. The WSHP system consist of Micro Turbines, Boilers, & Cooling tower. 

Being that you cannot have multiple HVAC systems in the same zone, does that mean multiple air side components or multiple waterside HVAC components in the same zone? For a typical room, is it safe to assume you could configure the model so that the Airside component be the ERU/DOAS serving both the rooms & the bath rooms & the Waterside component would include WSHP devices?

Also when doing your initial takes offs in Autocad prior to importing into eQUEST, what exactly do you trace? For the inside do you split up interior walls and trace from there? For the exterior, Do you go out to the outermost external wall, but then you have a gap btw the that wall and the interior wall, or do you just trace the interior walls? Or does it not really matter? Is the difference just that you will be able to see the interior partitions on the exterior walls in 3D view? I am assuming that this will not really impact the analysis, it just does not look aesthetically pleasing. 

Also with regards to zoning & take offs, can you combine both bath rooms & rooms since they are in the same space or do they have to be individual components since one is supply and the other is exhaust? Also do shaft locations have to be the same for each building shell component or can you ignore in the initial take off? Stair case, elevators, columns, beams, etc etc

Thanks in advance

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