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I am wondering if there is somewhere in the eQuest help topics Vol. 3-4 where I can get a walkthrough of implementing a purchased energy setup for Steam and Chilled water for simulating Campus distribution.  I have been using Trace 700 up to now and the workflow is so straightforward and fast. Also, the ECB_PRM summary includes this load nicely into one report ready for submission to rating authorities.

I have read many threads on information and the best suggestion is to eliminate the plant equipment after moving to Detailed Edit mode.  This is easy enough, but I am not getting any reporting of that energy in the "monthly energy consumption" report.  I suppose the procedure involves manually combining energy levels from the relative reports in the sim output, but am I wrong in assuming that there should be a way to incorporate the CHW energy into the (space cooling) graphic and Steam into the (space heat) fields.



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