[Equest-users] Number of baselines systems and tempered zones

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Hi to all,

I have a few questions about my baseline model (using Ashrae 90.1 2004) that
I'd like to understand, and it would be great if someone could help me:

- My building have diferent spaces with diferent rated loads, such as
galleries, offices and conference rooms. All of them have their own
schedules that do not differ for more than 40 hours per week. The selected
baseline system is number 7. *Do I have to model only one VAV system, or
can I use one for each space category (one for galleries, one for offices
and another for classrooms)?* If not, I would have many spaces that differ
more than 31,2W/m2 from the average space load served by the only system,
and consequently, I would have many systems number 3 (according to the
G3.1.1 exceptions). In addition I think that modelling 3 diferents VAVs
would help me in my unmet load hours. (my proposed model have independent
units for each type of spaces)

- The second question is regarding to those spaces like corridors or halls
that do not have thermostats but have some diffusers that supply some
outside air just for temper the zone. This air comes from an AHU that serves
outside air to fan-coils, or even from a VAV system that serves a conference
room or an office. How do I have to model this situation into baseline
building. May I link these zones, with its fixed supply air and outdoor
air, to the baseline system? Should I introduce them into other system?

Thanks very much to all,


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