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I apologize for an off-topic question.

I'm looking for suggestions on energy-efficient flagpole lighting
options, including solar. I'd prefer designs that would be acceptable
for a LEED project from a light pollution standpoint (using downlight
for example). Please provide as much detail as you can especially if you
have experience with flagpole lighting on a project, including estimated



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Hello Bill,

You can use LED down lights for flagpoles.

Go to CREE lighting www.creells.com and/or
Maxlite http://www.maxlite.com for LED

Peter Duttaroy, PE, CEM

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Hey Bill,

My memory is fuzzy, but I think if you look for the CIR there was some
recognition by LEED at one point that flagpoles need to be lit on all
these LEED-mandated gov't projects, and so guidance was set along the
lines of "no more than three fixtures of XXX lumens or less (translated
to 50W MH lamping)" being exempted from the uplight calcs...

THAT SAID, if you make a point to use full-cutoff-everything-else on a
medium-to-large site, I've found the % uplight caused by 2 or 3 small
flagpole spot floods normally does not exceed the maximum % allowed, so
they end up included in my calcs regardless.

So the uplight concern isn't really major if you specify dark sky
fixtures (zero above 90 degrees) elsewhere.

So far as energy-efficiency is concerned, I'm curious to hear any
positive experiences with LED/Solar. I know lighting a flag well from
above can often be a challenge if you're trying to avoid direct source
glare, and I've yet to see a solar option in action with a strong
'punch' at 25/30ft up. Fuzzy metrics, I know ^_^.



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