[Equest-users] How do we make calculations for Domestic Water Heating ??

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Dear eQUEST users;
I am doing well with my eQUEST , energy analysis except in the area of Domestic Water Heating. I have searched for the same all through the net and could not find any help even for the calculations of Water Heating.?
How is the number of occupants accounted for water heating calculation by the software??? We have an input field of " Input Rating" . I am looking for a water heating calculation of?instantaneous?through ELECTRIC Water Heating tank capacity of 2gal???
Are these inputs right for the calculation... I would like any one to tell me how do we make the calculations for Domestic water heating(not mentioned in ASHRAE).?
Currently how i do calculate is by considering total occupancy of the building and 4KW per person for heating purpose.
Expecting from all intelligent Champs here....
With Regards

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