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I am creating shells for a building in Equest and cannot line up separate shells. I have been outlining the shells through CAD drawing import.

To simplify, I have a 20x10 rectangle on the first floor and a 20x12 rectangle on the 2nd floor (2 foot overhang on one side of the building). When I draw the shells separately, and use Specify Exact coordinates, it shows a 1 foot overhang on each side, rather than the 2 foot overhang on one side. My building is not faced due North so adding 2 to my Y coordinate, offsets the building incorrectly. When I am in the editor, and I move the CAD file to align with 1st floor polygon, but when I close, save, reopen it, it shifts the 1st floor polygon so that the two floors no longer match up.

All my CAD files have the same origin point so I thought this would help but it does not. I have tried using a single CAD file with all the floor plans (similar to the LEED example case on the website) and this did not help either.

Is there any way to enter a common (X,Y) vertex for all shells so that I can align them that way?

Thank you!

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I am having a similar problem, adding different shells beside each other (due to different ceiling heights). Does no one have a solution for this problem?


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