Energy Efficiency Programs that Require the use of Energy Modeling

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We're trying to identify energy efficiency programs or utility incentive programs that require the use of energy modeling to quantify energy use and savings to qualify for incentives or compliance.

It would be super helpful to hear from the bldg.-sim community about the programs you have developed energy models for. If you have more information about the requirements of the program, that would be helpful as well.

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Supriya Goel
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See for "energy design assistance" programs and their documentation. In addition to the Xcel Energy and Austin Energy programs, Energy Trust of Oregon is developing one.


Matt Steen BEMP, LEED AP O+M
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Almost all commercial custom programs require building simulation
supporting documentation for certain kinds of retrofits or commercial new
construction projects -- there are literally dozens and dozens.

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Besides DSIREUSA is there a database of ratepayer programs? Maybe DSIREUSA
can add a couple fields to capture this type of information.
I have found that such programs often use custom or standard calcs on a
measure-by-measure basis. This level of detail would be onerous to track
and changes almost on a weekly basis if not more often. A better approach
may be to identify which programs have (or will have) adopted an eTRM and
standardize & track calcs. Sounds like a SBIR or lab call opportunity!

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