[ECOTECT Seminar @ IIT] July 23-24: For ECOTECT Beginner and BIM users

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Dear All,

Please take a look at IIT ECOTECT Seminar 7.

I hope many people join and learn ECOTECT & how to use BIM file for analysis.



Building Energy Analysis Seminar 7 (BIM & Sustainability using ECOTECT)

One & Half Day Seminar
July 22-23, 2010

Location: 3410 Bldg, Computer Lab (Rm 110)
Address: 3410 S. State Street, Chicago IL 60616

In this seminar, you will learn:
- How to evaluate your BIM model (REVIT, ArchiCAD) using Autodesk ECOTECT
- How to use ECOTECT, REVIT and GBS programs that will help you make better
design decisions
- The purpose and benefits of BIM, ECOTECT modeling
- When to use BIM, ECOTECT for improving green and sustainable design
- How can we evaluate our BIM's Sustainability using ECOTECT?
- What is the most simple file conversion method for BIM and Sustainability?
- Our new mandatory requirements (Job, Career) for BIM, GREEN Building and LEED
- How to interpret and report their results
- To understand the techniques and design principles for low energy buildings
and the review of energy-efficient design strategies
- To understand the interdependence of design, location, weather, and scientific
factors in developing energy-efficient buildings
- To acquire the simulation skills to research weather and contexts in the
schematic design process and run simulation programs to analyze building performance

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