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I am new to e-Quest and have gone through, or at least tried to go through
the process (DD Wizard) of setting up a project but am running into issues
when trying to add more complex structural features such as adding a second
and third floor (both of which cover the entire footprint area of the
structure) to an open air, ground level parking area. The parking area does
have a small 600 SF conditioned lobby who's ceiling height extends to the
top of the second floor. Is anyone aware of, or would anyone be willing to
allow me access to, step by step instructional walk-throughs for more
complex projects such as I have described? I look forward to hearing from
the group.


Stephen Sorensen

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It seems like you ould surround the lobby with either on or two shells,
Can't see it so hard to visualize whether you can use one. Anyway at least
the first one carefully at x=0, y=0 and z= whatever you height is. I call it
on top of first floor when you are asked, make sure you select floor over
conditioned space, no roof, and then proceed with your space/zones. The
third floor should be easier as you no longer have the lobby to deal with so
it should just be x=0, y=0, and z=top of second floor. this shell should be
specified as being above the second floor, with the floor over a conditioned
space and a roof.

Hope that helps.

If not attach a ,pd2 and.inp file so we can see what you are facing.


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l This is a good primer on modeling multi story spaces.


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As a supplement to Carol's advice, note that for the 2nd level, whose
floor is exposed to the ground-level parking garage, there is an option
in the DD wizard screen #3 to choose "Over Parking Garage" or "Exposed
to Ambient Conditions." I'm not sure of the differences between the
two, but I've used "Exposed to Ambient Conditions" a few times before,
and it seems to do exactly what it sounds like! I would strongly
suggest specifying a custom layer-by-layer construction in the DD
wizards on these envelope screens - this is a step I avoided as seeming
difficult when I was starting out with eQuest, but it turns out to be
surprisingly easy and a great way to save yourself time from tweaking
U-value/Mass properties later in the detailed mode.

As Carol describes, it sounds like you need at least 3 shells. Top
shell is simply the footprint of that level. Middle shell wraps around
the lobby's 2nd floor (just make it a tall shell). Bottom shell is the
lobby. Here and attached is a fast visual:

If you lock the X/Y coordinates properly, eQuest should recognize the
planes of the top half of the lobby shell coincide with 2nd-level
"wrapping" walls, and will automate a few things for you regarding tying
those two shells together. There's more to read on this if you'd like
to learn more in the archives

Best of luck!


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