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Dear All,

We have a residential project with hybrid heating source (gas+electric) to
condition the dwelling and corridor spaces. There are few electric heaters
serving stairwells and storage spaces. As per exception 'e' of section
G3.1.1, ASHRAE 90.1-2010, the thermal zones designed for heating only
systems in the proposed design, serving storage rooms, stairwells etc. and
not exhausting or transferring air from mechanically cooled thermal zones
in the proposed design shall use system 9 or 10 in the baseline building

The query is whether the selection of system 9 or 10 is based on building
heating source (hybrid in this case) or as per unit heater's heating source

Thank you.


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Good morning Mayank,

There are 3 ASHRAE 90.1 interpretations I know of that identify various scenarios pertaining to Baseline system types in residential buildings. They are:
IC 90.1-2010-26
IC 90.1-2007-11

My understanding is that the heating only spaces would have to use System 9 since the primary system is hybrid. If the electric consuming heating only spaces total 20,000 sqft or more, only then could System 10 be used.

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In scenarios where both gas and electricity are used as a heating source
for the proposed system?for example, in the case of water loop heat pumps,
which might be served by a gas-fired boiler, or a specific building with
gas-fired dedicated outdoor air systems (DOAS) and all electric terminal
units for heating?both electric and gas are counted toward the area served
by the respective fuel type. Proposed building designs with systems like
these are considered ?hybrid? systems and map to the *fossil-fuel baseline*.

Hope this helps!!

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Javed Iqbal, LEED AP, CEA
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Thank you Sheila and Javed. However, there is still a gap in understanding
the exceptions. The question is whether the exception should be combined as:

1. Exception "a" says about dominant and non-dominant space type; and
source of heating for more than 20,000 sqft area.
2. Exception "b" says about use of system 3 and 4 for different cooling
load and/or different schedule based on building heating source type
(explicitly written).

However, for exception "e" should it be combined with exception "b" or "a"?

Thanks again!


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