Job opening for district energy system simulation R&D

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Berkeley Lab?s Simulation Research Group (*
*) has an opening for a Principal
Scientific Engineering Associate.

The Context:

The new generations of district heating and cooling systems and building
control technologies bring forth brand new challenges in the field of
modeling and simulation. The ability to simulate with the same numerical
model detailed control, temperature and pressure transients as well as
typical yearly operation for energy analysis requires a deep rethinking of
the way energy systems are modeled and complex DAE systems are solved. This
position is right at the center of this major innovation, expected to grow
new practices and feed better designs.

What You Will Do:

You will provide technical expertise and scientific support for the
implementation and deployment of Modelica- and FMI-based modeling and
simulation tools for buildings and district energy systems. The work will
primarily address the modeling, numerical and computational challenges of
large systems simulation at the district scale. It will also support the
technological development of the latest generation of district heating and
cooling systems that operate a loop near ground temperature and provide a
means for buildings to share waste heat and cold.

Besides you will contribute to the redesign of EnergyPlus to allow Modelica
and FMI-based HVAC and controls simulation.

To Apply:

Please visit *

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