Baseline HVAC System type issue

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Hello Modelers,

I am having confusion in modelling the baseline HVAC system type for a proposed building which has PACKAGED RTUs with Furnace as well as Electric heating and also have VAV boxes with elec reheat.

Seeing that my main RTU heating sources are both gas and electric what should be the Baseline HVAC System to be considered.

Furnace Gas heating is utilised during unoccupied hours and warmup period and rest of the time electric is used.

occupancy schedule is different for different rooms 

As per 90.1 G3.1.1A Table note

"Where attributes make a building eligible for more than one baseline system type , Use the predominant condition to determine the system type for entire building"

What to be inferred from this. as i cannot differentiate predominant Heat source condition on basis of Area as same RTU (Furnace + Electric) are providing to same zones 

So how and which factors to be selected for selection of Baseline HVAC System


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