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Has anyone used the Tampa Florida TMY2 weather file?? ?I am getting error mesaages trying to run with that weather. I try other weathers with the same file, and they are successful.
BTW, how can I get the TMY3 BIN files to run, manually downloading them and setting them up ??
John R. Aulbach, PE, CEM

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Try this:
In eQUEST, select Tools -> View File Locations -> View eQUEST Data
Directory to determine where your Weather folder is. Create a "TMY3"
folder within the Weather folder and put the TMY3 bin files (from in it. Go to Project Properties
and enter "TMY3\WEATHERFILENAME.bin" in the Weather File field, using
the appropriate weather file name.

Maybe the Tampa weather file got hit by lighting. I saw some gorgeous
T-storms when I lived/worked there.

Good luck,

William Bishop, PE, BEMP, LEED(r) AP

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