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I am not sure if anyone has encountered this before, my first guess is they

i have a big building that will have two owners and the building is
basically split down the middle, and each has their own project that will be
applying for LEED status. in the model should i exclude the unowned portion
of each "building" or should i model the whole damn thing both times and
give them baseline systems? I would tend to think i should model the
building halves separately and then not include the unowned portions of each


Rob Hudson

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Each LEED project should only consider the energy use specific to that
portion of the total building. I can think of at least three ways to do
1.) Model the entire building, with no intention of separating the
building geometry into halves. Determine the energy use for each LEED
project by assigning different meters.
2.) Model the entire building as in 1.), but create separate shells
for each project. This is a little more work, but would allow more
project-specific editing in the wizard.
3.) Model two separate buildings as different projects, creating
adiabatic and shading surfaces as necessary to represent the missing
building halves.

Without knowing more about your projects, I would choose option two. You
could create all your building shells for both projects quickly in the
wizard, and then add more details for whichever project has priority in
DD edit mode.


William Bishop, PE, BEMP, LEED(r) AP

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This might help you. It's an excerpt from the 90.1 User's Manual. Basically it says that in order to model them as separate spaces, they have to use separate HVAC systems. Read the attachment to make sure your building and case meets the criteria.

Jeff Seger, EIT

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