Core and Shell - Table G3.1 - Thermal Blocks

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I need some orientation about thermal blocks. my project is an office
building applying to core and shell leed certification. I dont understand
how to build/draw thermal blocks in accordance with section 8.a to 8.d.
This is a 15 floors building, and the open spaces are similiar to this
attached. you have orientation for south hemisphere.

attached cad file of the first floor


*Cristian Jara Toro *

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Crist?an, defining thermal blocks for energy modelling can be tricky
sometimes and there is always many 'right' answers. It also depends on what
you are trying to demonstrate with your model. In this case,I'm having
trouble to understand what is happening in there. There might be some
issues with other Acad Referenced files... All I see is a floorplan with
what looks like the the outline of the building's envelope. With only this
info, IMO, is not enough to determine the 'correct' thermal block for LEED
Core&Shell. I would be happy to meet you on skype and give you hand since
we are from the same part of the world (i.e. South America).


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