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To all:

I want to copy the my eQuest files over my server at work to another office.
There are so many files that it takes a very long time to copy. Is it
possible for me to copy just a few key files and then the new computer will
recreate the additional files? If so, which files are the key ones.

Thank you.

Yehuda Israel,

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Look for the .inp and .pd2 files. Those will be the two files needed for transferring. Once you've transferred the files to the new project folder, you will need to open the .pd2 file.
Good luck.


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Don't forget the .prd file if you have parametric runs set up in detailed edit mode.

Kelsey Van Tassel

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The specific files you may want to save will vary.

If you're not sure, my practice is to open the file, then "save as" to
the new directory. This will place only copies of the files you need to
open the project, and is great way to isolate what's critical. I keep
my projects backed up by "saving as" to my USB flash drive every so
often. If I want to open/review a project on there, I first copy the
file directory to the computer (off the flash drive) and open that copy
alone, to avoid the same space/clutter issues on my USB drive.

Since 3.64 is relatively new, this might also be a good opportunity to
tag your project's directory names with what version of eQuest they were
developed under. I find issues can ensue if you try to manipulate
models with different versions.


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