Compliance calculation error

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Hi all,

I'm working on a DDS, dual-fan system:

For this one, when I run the compliance analysis, the process stops when
it is in the Performing Proposed Annual Simulation (which means it makes
it thru Initializing Ruleset and Examining Inputs, Generating Proposed
Building Description, Performing Proposed HVAC Sizing Run). Then, it
runs the bdl and the following into pops up "Compliance Analysis Error:
Errors encountered Evaluating ProposedFinal Ruleset". I click to view
the errors and I have attached a screenshot of what pops up.

I can't tell from this which of my fans are messed up and if they are
messed up because I built one of the zones/system wrong, or if some of
the systems have motors too large (or too much cfm) and that is the
error. I've searched thru the .bdl to look for errors and can't find
any. This error does not happen until I have input the supply fan BHP
and efficiency and heating supply flow. I have about

Thank you.

Amber Welsh, P.E. 

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