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Fellow Equesters,
I've got a fairly complex building model on which I've been working for a few weeks now. I've got it pretty well tuned at this point, but unfortunately for me, the architect has gone ahead and made some fairly aggressive floorplan changes. I've tried making some of the changes in the detail edit mode but it's not going as well as I would like. I'm running into issues where I can't modify zone polygons because the vertices of interest are associated with several interior walls, etc. Overall, it's turning out to be quite a messy ordeal. So my question is this: Is there a preferred method to make floorplan adjustments after the fact, or am I better off starting a new model from scratch? Thanks for any help, advice, comments....

Seun Odukomaiya, LEED AP

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Seun, I believe you have three choices:

1. Edit the floor plan in the detailed edit mode. This involves
editing the polygons, which can be a time consuming process. I would
recommend going into Auto Cad and setting the coordinates up to equal
the eQUEST polygon coordinates.
2. Perform a Save-As, go into the Wizard, and edit the building
shell to match the new floor plan. Then save and go to the inp file and
copy the new floor plan and its associated assignments. Make sure you
save this as a trial file because if you do not copy the correct
information you will have many errors.
3. Restart the model

Make sure that you perform a save-as so you do not ruin existing models.


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