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Hey all,

Does anyone know if in Carrier's Hourly Analysis Program there is a preset under OA Ventilation Requirements for Apartments, etc.? The closest thing I see is for a Hotel bedroom. I want to model the entire Apt. unit, including bathroom, etc. Is there a setting for that? Thanks,


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The ventilation presets in HAP are wholly based on space usage types
from ASHRAE Standard 62-2001or 62.1-2004 (depending on your project
preference setting). So whatever space usage types you see in the
standard you'll also have in HAP. I don't see an "Apartment" space
usage type in either Std 62-2001 or 62.1-2004. It looks to me like the
closest thing is the "Hotel, Motel, Resort, Dormitory" group of space
usage types - the same usage types you've found.

BTW - As a HAP licensee you and your firm are entitled to free,
unlimited software support via 800-253-1794 and at
. Our support staff
can get you fast answers to these and any other questions you may have.

Best Regards,

Jim Pegues

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