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Dear Cramer,

20 - 25 years ago I was re-writing the ASEAM code, and did some digging for
DOE boiler part load curves. More recently, I've used them in Energy Plus
and have shown below the values I use. No original documentation here, but
this might help...

Also, I've recently done some analysis of existing building boiler
performance and it seems that the following is true:

* Older "high mass" / high water volume boilers (think firetube
boilers and the like) tend to have a pretty darn flat efficiency curve
* Newer "low mass" / low water volume boilers show dramatically lower
efficiency at part loads, similar to the DOE curve above.

If I were modeling an older system or a new system with high water volume
and good turndown, I'd probably use a constant efficiency "curve". Other
boilers would get a curve that resulted in low part load efficiencies.

James V. Dirkes II, P.E., LEED AP

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I have a question directly related to this, especially given James'
comment regarding high vs low mass boilers. Has anyone changed the
START-UP-TIME or STANDBY-TIME for boilers from the DOE-2 default values?
If so can you also share the basis you used to arrive at the numbers? I
know that these are not simple numbers to arrive at; I'm just interested
in what others might have done or related comments.

Michael L Kingsley

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