[Bldg-sim] IES/VE MicroFlo CFD: Unbalanced Flow

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I am modeling a large welcome gallery of a museum using IES/VE v5.8.1.

When I try to run the MicroFlo CFD simulation (after running Suncast,
Apache, i.e. following all the steps required before running a CFD
simulation in IES), I get a 'Unbalanced Flow' prompt that gives a
subtraction of two cfm numbers and it states that 'in-flow and out-flow must

This happens before IES runs any CFD simulation. I tried to change the
number of operable windows both in lower levels and higher levels of the
space and every such change results in different cfm numbers being
subtracted in the prompt and it does not run any simulation.

The space I am trying to analyze is conical in shape with the height of ~50
ft (15.24 m) and has a base of 64 ft (19.5 m) diameter. I modeled this space
first as 3 different spaces- the bottom being the widest and it becomes
narrower as it goes higher and then I used the 'connect spaces' command to
connect the three spaces without any partitions.

Any thoughts on what's causing the unbalanced flow? and how can it be
corrected? Is it due to the grid settings? I am just making a trial run and
have not yet detailed the model much and left almost everything to default.

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