Bldg-sim Digest, Vol 78, Issue 5 - BEMP exam

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Hi All,

I would like to respectfully say that out of all the times this question
(regarding the BEMP exam) is asked on this forum or other forums atleast
50% of the time there are experienced professionals whose reply is in some
way elitist or condescending. Almost as if the person asking this question
is in some way asking for a cheat sheet or a short cut to ace the exam.

Ultimately, its not the 20 year experienced guy who is doing the load
calculations/ energy models day in and day out. Its mostly the 2-10 year
experienced professional who actively engages in energy modeling 90% of the
time.If we can all agree that passing this exam means that you understand
your concepts and have experience then people hoping to prepare for it must
be encouraged. This should be done with the view that the overall quality
of energy modeling industry stands to benefit from younger people wanting
to prepare for this exam.

For some people, the prep time maybe 6 months to a year or even more for
some. No harm in asking for resources to polish your concepts or
information regarding the mindset to ace the exam or even the order of
answering questions. No one is looking for easy way out or a cheat sheet,
just some guidance on what the exam is about and for some first hand
experience description.

While most experienced professionals talk about how the quality of energy
modeling is suffering due to garbage in and out, it is sometimes the very
same people who unintentionally discourage others when such questions are
asked in the forum. The forum itself has been built to provide guidance and
answer questions for everyone's benefit, so why be that jerk!

Even if the exam is hard and needs hands on experience combined with
understanding of concepts, I would love for the seniors to
caution/encourage younger peers with lesser experience to go ahead and
prepare for it and provide encouragement if nothing else.


Ramya Shivkumar

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