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Hi there,
I believe there are not free sources to download weather files already converted to Future scenarios. You can get them ready to use using meteonorm and you can also select the future climate scenario, but it does cost. I have had your same problem, for a project I made a couple of years ago, I found this tool where you can manually generate the futures weather file scenario using excel spreadsheet with some other files according to the future scenario.
It is a tool called ?Climate Change World Weather File Generator for World-Wide Weather Data ? CCWorldWeatherGen? it is elaborated by the University of Southampton in the UK, it is sustained with publications, also, it is based on a lot of work from the UK's Met office, you can read and download everything about it here (Climate Change World Weather File Generator for World-Wide Weather Data - CCWorldWeatherGen - University of Southampton Blogs (, to use it, I used weather files from as base files.
I hope you find this useful,
Daniel Zepeda

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You might also consider taking a look at the recently released project: by
Hongyuan Jia and Adrian Chong



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