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Hi Guys;

If some one really wants to run ASEAM, I have a machine mothballed
that runs

Windows 98SE and can boot in the DOS 3.31 mode. It is an 800 Mhz Pentium

SECC Cartridge CPU and I believe it has 512 MB memory installed with
768 MB max.

It has RAID 0 twin 40 GBs, 3.5: floppy, CD burner, 5 cartridge tape

as well as IO Mega Zip Drive 250 MB. I will have to check to see if the

AGP video card still works. This machine can access many cartridge tape

Motherboard is Intel SE440BX2NAV . Let me know..

John R Ross III PE

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Hi John!

Funny thing is - running a properly configured version of ASEAM locally and quickly TODAY on an untethered Galaxy, IOS or Windows tablet might be kind of cool. Game-changing even.

Does anyone know if any way to (easily) re-compile it?

My $0.02 of contribution. I have many fond (and not so fond) memories of ASEAM.

Chris Balbach, PE, CEM, BESA, BEAP, CMVP, BEMP

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My memories are that it was very limited - which is why I re-wrote and expanded it a lot. Lost that code, though, when I left U of Michigan.

James V Dirkes II, PE, BEMP, LEED AP

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