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When creating a model for LEED Submittal in Trane Trace 700 is there an
easy way to model the rotations of the baseline model?

I have created my design and baseline models to where they need to be;
however, I still need to do the rotations. The only way I see to do
this is to create an alternative for each rotation and then change the
wall and roof orientations for each room created. I have not been able
to find a easier way to do this but I would assume that if there is an
Appendix G summary report there would be an easier way to model the
rotations of the baseline model. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Steve Tobin

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It's very easy. Copy your first alternative. Then go to the Actions Menu
and choose Change Load Parameters. Change the Building Orientation to 90
degrees from north and run. Repeat and change the degrees for the other

Lynn G. Bellenger, PE, FASHRAE, LEED AP

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If you are running a recent version of Trace, there is an option to run a Performance Rating Method simulation in the main Calculation window. This automatically performs the building rotations for you. Refer to the 'Base Alternative for' pull down for Performance Rating Method in the Calculate and View Results window and select the baseline alternative (you need a proposed and baseline alternative in your project file).

Bill Talbert, PE, LEED? AP

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Actually it is easier than that. if you pick Performance rating method
under calculate and review results and then select Alternative 1 and
then after running select Performance rating Method details you'll have

Gregory C. Topp, P.E., LEED-AP

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To add to this take a look at the attached excerpt on modeling for LEED
in the TRACE 700 version 6.2 User's manual.

Scott Hintz, LEED(r) AP

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Hi Steve,
You can also manually change the orientation of your building?if you like?via the change load parameters option.?
Go to the Actions menu and then Change Load Parameters.? There you can input the?building orientation from degrees north.? Whatever value you input here (in degrees) gets added to the degree?inputs?you put in for each wall and window etc?on the space input pages.?


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